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Al Shaya
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3 Stars29.11.2023
Had an amazing dine in experience in the Avenues branch - We were a group of 6 including a child and was so impressed with the service especially the care and concern towards my child. The recommendations by the server was top notch and he helped ensure we did not end up over ordering and thereby avoided wastage. All the food was served quickly and there was constant attention given to ensure we had a great dinner experience. Quality of the food was excellent especially the starters and not to forget the dynamite shrimp and chicken. Highly recommend.
3 Stars26.11.2023
some dieshed are overpriced
3 Stars23.11.2023
sometimes it is very busy and we have to wait for the table
3 Stars20.11.2023
they are good
1.5 Stars15.11.2023
expensive for the portion they serve
2.5 Stars3.10.2023
The pasta we tried once was a bit salty, I salute the cook and staffs when they solved our concern.
3 Stars10.9.2023
Shrimp dynamite is legend 🥰🥰🥰 mouth watering . Don't miss out 🥰🥰🥰
3 Stars31.8.2023
We always loves to come back for dynamite shrimp 🥰🥰🥰
2.5 Stars3.7.2023
ارتفاع الاسعار بلمقابل مافي تنوع بلأطباق .
0.5 Stars25.6.2023
جودة الأكل سيئه في فرع الافنيوز .

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