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3 Stars11.2.2021
الأكل كان لذيذ وعجبني ( نيجيماكي وقادسية أورا ماكي ) كان صج لذيذ 😋😍The food was delicious and I like ( Negimaki and Qadisiya Ura Maki ) it was tasty & yummiest 🤤
3 Stars5.5.2019
I really like Genki Sushi and I think their location is very convenient. It is really close to my work and I also find it easy to get to on days off. Their quality is really good and I feel like their food is very fresh. They could be a bit faster by cleaning the table faster and being more on top of service (like refilling our tea, making sure we have enough soya sauce, etc.) but overall they are very helpful, asked us a number of times if we needed anything and the staff was very friendly. The food again is just amazing and that is important for a sushi place (after all, sushi has to be clean and fresh, otherwise I would be scared to eat it!).

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