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0.5 Stars24.2.2016
I took some guests recently to the original location in the Behbehani houses complex. This was the first location for Casper & Gambini in Kuwait and I always liked the ambiance, and the historical building it was in. It had been a few years since I was there, but I was shocked to find that it had deteriorated to such a level. It was filthy: dust was all over the restaurant, the furniture was streaked with grime and most of the seating had torn surfaces. The few people that were there were smoking continuously and there was no non-smoking area provided. Against our better judgement, we stayed and sat upstairs. Unfortunately, the staff never came to check if we needed anything and we had to keep going to hunt for them. It was a very disappointing and even embarrassing experience. When leaving, I noticed that the wall had some awards displayed -- the most recent of which was from 2006. It seems like this location has been neglected since then.
0.5 Stars8.12.2015
The food quality is really bad with the exception of the burgers. The steak tasted old and weird and this was in 2 diff types of plates. The Manager though was very nice and asked us to replace the order and didn't argue that it was really bad. Casper used to have much better food before...
5 Stars26.2.2015
مطعم الاكل فيه عجيب ورائع
3 Stars8.12.2013
Amazing desserts but main dishes need some improvement
0.5 Stars1.12.2013
Better quality food. Really not very tasteful - went for Friday breakfast but was so crowded. They are OK but dont think I would repeat nor recommend
3 Stars25.8.2013
Staff was friendly but mechanical. Asked for hot water to add to coffee and the bought a cup which spilled everywhere instead of bring a small beaker
5 Stars5.11.2012
Always better on weekends (chef better?) and for delivery then inside restaurant.
0.5 Stars23.10.2012
Their food is quite pricey comparing to other restaurants and dining places.

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