Maserati #48
Al Zayani
3 Stars (11) 6
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0.5 Stars31.12.2020
جدا فاشلين سواء بالجوده او الاسعار وايد يحتاجون تطوير
1 Stars19.5.2020
بعض قطع الغيار مرتفعه السعر.
1 Stars17.11.2017
Car price changed by the dealer (dropped in a sudden). My new car value -unfairly- went down..!! Location is very poor: Roads to the service center are bumpy & Located in most crowded area in Kuwait.
3 Stars26.3.2017
Expensive service
0.5 Stars16.3.2015
Bad service ever
0.5 Stars25.11.2013
Car breaks down once a month. They fix one thing only for it to break again 4 weeks later (and I get charged every time). battery dies often. Bought THREE car batteries from them over the past 24 months and they still die (makes me wonder if they actually charge me for a new battery yet not really replace the old battery with a new one). Warranty ended, so i paid 2,000KD to renew only to find out later (when I talked to the mother company in Italy) that this warranty was void and Al Zayani should NOT have extended my warranty for 2,000KD. Needless to say Italy was upset, I was furious! The lies at Masaratti is too much and is reflecting VERY portly on Al Zayani!

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