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0.5 Stars14.3.2023
Train staff better. At Jabriya branch, staff told me a latte used organic milk, then I saw barista using something else. At Messila branch, it took a very long time to get my order. Staff were disorganized, and were not very friendly.
2.5 Stars29.9.2022
They don't have any lactose free options in milk, what year are we living in??
3 Stars18.2.2022
كل شي قوي عندهم
3 Stars12.10.2021
Best cold brew ever!!!
0.5 Stars5.4.2021
مكان ردئ
3 Stars13.12.2020
Their coffee beans are one of the best, and their staff are always happy and welcoming, not to mention that their pastries collection is absolutely delicious and authentic. They’ve done a great job! Highly recommended!
0.5 Stars23.11.2020
Cup of coffee so small they don't have large coffee or medium to make the value of the money match the size of the coffee.
3 Stars29.12.2019
Thw size of the coffee so small compered the price. need to match the price with the size.

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