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3 Stars9.10.2019
The location is good, the staff are friendly and the foods are mouth watering.
3 Stars25.11.2018
يحتاج اعلامية اكثر وسرعة في تقديم الخدمة
3 Stars20.2.2018
يجب عليهم زيادة عدد الموظفين ومتابعة الزبائن اول بأول
3 Stars5.11.2017
تفاديا للزحام يفتح فروع تانيه او توسيع الفرع
3 Stars14.6.2017
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0.5 Stars29.1.2016
While the waiter serving us was very friendly and cheerful, the speed of service was dismal! We waited for over 20 minutes to be served coffee. When we asked for hot water as the coffee was so strong, we never got it. I could see that all the tables around me were also complaining about service speed. I complained to the manager who apologized and said that they were prepared but that everyone came at once. This was a Friday morning so I am surprised about this... Shouldn't they be ready for all circumstances?

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