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3 Stars29.5.2023
القيمه المدفوعه غاليه .
0.5 Stars23.5.2023
اسعارهم ارتفعت بهذه الفتره .
3 Stars1.2.2023
Kuwait is split between two camps and they're both at Arabica. Spanish latte folk and Kyoto folk. The Kyoto folk have superior taste. Sorry not sorry. Love the staff at Assima mall. I hated a drink once and they offered to change it to something else. They also recommend which beans I should try depending on my mood. High quality coffee. Definitely recommend.
0.5 Stars1.1.2023
poor seating for the price paid
2.5 Stars17.11.2022
Has a very cozy ambience
3 Stars18.9.2022
The staff is much better trained than starbucks and are much faster too, even though the prices are bit steep.
3 Stars22.8.2022
توسيع المكان لانه صغير جدا وتخفيض الاسعار .
1 Stars27.6.2022
the quality is good but they're very pricey. menu QR codes didn't work.
2.5 Stars29.12.2021
Overpriced, you can get better drinks from other places and at almost half the price at Arabica. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

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