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3 Stars16.5.2023
من أفضل شركات الطيران التي قمت بالسفر على متن طائراتها. استخدمت قطر إيرويز كثيرا حتى للوجهات التي تتوفر لها رحلات مباشرة وذلك بسبب الخدمة المتميزة و مستوى ال luxury في درجة رجال الأعمال والأولى و التعامل المميز جدا من قبل طاقم الطائرة و خبرة طاقم الطيران .. بالإضافة إلى المطار الرائع وصالة المها.
3 Stars12.4.2023
ممتاز جدا
3 Stars11.4.2023
كانت رحلة مريحة و خدمة ممتازة و دقة في المواعيد ..
3 Stars13.3.2023
من احسن وافضل شركات الطيران التي تعاملت معها
3 Stars24.2.2023
Very excellent service
2.5 Stars13.2.2023
The Website and mobile app is slow needs enhansment. Moving from one topic to another is not user friendly.Utilising the privilege card benefits is highly restricted in most of selecdates leaving a narrow margin to use the priviliges such as paying by Avios or upgrade opportunities. Reaching an agent by WhatsApp is next to impossible and talking to an agent needs a miracle. That was not the case 3 years back.QA is able to all these snags , I am pretty sure.
3 Stars13.2.2023
أفضل شركة طيران من جميع الجوانب : طاقم الضيافة رائع جودة الخدمات الرئيسية والتفصيلية ... رائعة اللهم بارك
0.5 Stars13.2.2023
I fly on Qatar Airways frequently (and am a frequent flyer member) -- mostly because Kuwait does not have direct flights to the destinations I am interested in. While the experience is often very good, it is let down (sometimes severely) by several things: 1) I don't need flight staff greeting me 2-3 times per flight -- it is redundant and intrusive, 2) there is a massive inconsistency in the age/condition/layout of the planes going to the same destination -- when they are modern they are great but you sometimes (far too often) find yourself on planes that seem to be from the 80's and that is unacceptable for the amount of money being paid, and 3) the quality of the food has truly deteriorated, especially the breakfast menu.I am looking forward to Kuwait Airways opening more direct routes. Nothing beats a direct flight!
0.5 Stars5.2.2023
الاسعار موسميه و الخدمه الهاتفيه لا تعطي معلومه مفيده فاسهل ما يقولون اذهب للمطار
1.5 Stars2.2.2023
المطار كبير و لا يوجد اي وسيله انتقال سهله داخل المطار

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