The City Hospital #7
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5 Stars14.6.2021
The environment is very friendly
3 Stars9.7.2020
Dr. Annie for kids is the best doctor I have met. She took care of my daughter when she admitted due emergency on 23Dec 2015
0.5 Stars24.6.2020
the gp dentist there is very discriminating.. once he knew I am Egyptian he started treating me different and unfortunately he is the head of department
5 Stars25.4.2020
Best service st city hospital always anytime worth going to feel better fast
0.5 Stars22.9.2019
I took my son just because a small pieces of pencil entered his hand and the service was good and fast. However, for two minutes only while the doctor was using just a normal needle to clean the small piece of pencil they charged me 2000 dhs. Please note that this is the same that I did at home and even the dr stopped saying that the pieces will go out alone. then they charge for this service that I can do by myself additional 2000 dhs for the consultation? Really ridiculous!
5 Stars23.1.2019
Highly recommend especially for the doctors, all with specialists. Professional staff. Advanced equipments for treatment. Fast response to patient.
5 Stars25.11.2018
I gave birth to my son at City Hospital and could not have asked for a better experience. From checking in, to the room, and not to mention the calibre of nurses and care. Dr Britt is just exceptional and the nurses who are available around the clock to support you. Very caring. My husband also stayed in the room with us and they made him feel so welcome and he enjoyed this very special time aswell which is very important.
5 Stars6.9.2018
By decreasing the price of medicines.
0.5 Stars10.7.2018
الاهتمام بالاستقبال والخدمة عند الوصول والاهتمام بالاطفال وتطوير خدمة العملاء الهاتفية والانترنت
5 Stars6.5.2018

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