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5 Stars22.1.2023
Prime Health Care group is one of the very best clinic i've known for. Any specialist ypu need is there, doctors, facilities, diagnostic and lab are there. All good and you will satisfied in their service even pharmacy is there. Its like a one stop shop. They need to increase their area due to a lot of patients coming. Very satisfactory 👏👏👏👍👍👍
5 Stars28.12.2022
the service was fast , and the doc was straight to the point with no further delay in treatment. However the pharmacy at Prime is pretty disorganised and created an unnecessary delay
5 Stars26.12.2022
I gave birth at their hospital and it’s been a great experience as a first time mom.
5 Stars5.12.2022
Helpdesk for Prime Rewards not at all responsive. Burjuman doesn't have NCR where Neurology doctor sit. Have to go Garhoud.
5 Stars12.9.2022
Staff are so accomodating and friendly.
0.5 Stars23.8.2022
I booked a dentist appointment to remove a tooth then the pain was getting worse kept on calling to reschedule the appointment and make it earlier, call centre said they can't change the app only the nurse can do so and she will call, got the call two days later from the nurse, I had to go to a different hospital where I was requested to do the payment as the insurance approval to prime was not cancelled yet
5 Stars28.7.2022
It is a good service hospital and I am happy to check up here it’s a great place for every patient it’s a valuable hospital 😀😍
0.5 Stars11.5.2022
Disappointed 1st impression !!! I went to prime medical center once only , the customer service was poor at reception , no one assisted me unless I have asked them for help , there was only 1 doctor at whole clinic , there was a long queue there were 9 patients on queue I have to wait while clinic closing after 1 hour. Simply I left the clinic disappointed from that whole experience.Clinic must add more Doctors and train the reception staff to be more customer service oriented.
5 Stars22.4.2022
More schedules of the specialist.
5 Stars20.4.2022
I always choose Prime whenever I need to go for check up, very easy to access insurance, doctors are all good and well trained, including staff, they are accomodating, well mannered, facilities are complete and clean.

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