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3 Stars21.8.2022
Honda car dealerships center are very well organized it's good service center also well maintained with latest technology equipment over all best service and products.
2 Stars22.12.2021
النجاخ المستمر
3 Stars5.4.2021
زيادة عروض مبيعات في رمضان
2 Stars23.3.2021
الاهتمام بزياده الكفاءه و تلافي عيوب الصناعه خاصه بالتكييف
3 Stars11.2.2021
شركه محترمه جدا.. اتمنى لهم دوام النجاح والتوفيق
3 Stars28.1.2021
شركة ممتازه موفقين دوما يا رب
3 Stars17.12.2020
Honda is a leader for vehical manufacturing car models are very easy and stylish with very innovative and exclusive quality.
3 Stars7.11.2020
Honda products is absolutely value for money. I owned honda accord and other brand, using both of the them is having very big difference honda cars is very comfortable and fuel efficiency is really manageable for an ordinary person like me.

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