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3 Stars6.7.2021
I just don’t know if I have been fooled or what but when I brought my supposed to be brand new car, there is already a mileage of approx 300km on the car which was immediately dismissed by the saws agent because he cancelled the milage and made it back to zero. i did not notice it as first since i was excited to drive the car and he was rushing to dispatch it. also he was the one who drove the car outside the premises. it was just lately when i noticed again that the car milage was 300km+ when all i did was drive the car from the exit up til my house which was just more or less 20 km away. anyway it was almost a year already i just still can’t move on.
3 Stars5.7.2021
do more offer, try to increase the space for the used cars
0.5 Stars9.3.2020
موظف المبيعات لم يشرح او يذكر لي ان الموديل اللي اخدته ضعيف او امكانيات السياره بالتفصيل.
0.5 Stars30.12.2019
They have to make offers or decrease the prices.
3 Stars25.11.2019
Cuz of one staff , he make me one of the most customer who refers my friends to get a ford car . Really nice car brand i love my escape
2 Stars30.12.2018
Very good communication skills for their customer sales inquiry center. Very quick response on the new models.
0.5 Stars3.8.2018
Really crappy cars
0.5 Stars17.7.2018
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