ID Design #12
Easa Saleh AL Gurg Group
3 Stars (19) 6
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3 Stars20.12.2018
Great design and staff. Perfect for home. Cozy yet very chic.
5 Stars6.11.2017
Worth value for your money best place to shop 💟💟
0.5 Stars4.11.2017
They have very high prices
5 Stars10.10.2017
for the prices they have they should have amazing service and products but they're below average
3 Stars22.9.2016
some of the staff did not seem very approachable but the ones who attended me were quite polite and knowledgeable.
3 Stars6.8.2016
أولا اﻷسعار جدا جدا مبالغ فيها ..ثانيا كان لديهم قطع مفروشات قبل 16 سنه أفضل من اﻵن ..ثالثا أكبر خطأ في آي دي ديزاين التركيز على جنسيه واحدة ..من المدير حتى العاملين وهي مقتصره على الجنسيه المصريه

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