Naked Pizza #23
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3 Stars12.11.2020
Would definitely encourage evryone to try their pizza. You wont feel guilty of eating as it is the healthy version of pizza 😄 its not greasy and their ingredients are fresh. Taste is different frm the rest. For the meat eaters i recommend to try their farmvil and omnivore. For plant eaters try the superbiotic. Enjoy!
5 Stars18.12.2018
The healthy pizza for me. Love from salad to the pizza itself. Great staff.
0.5 Stars13.12.2017
Ok not soo great smyhing new way of pizzas
5 Stars29.11.2017
nice smokehouse pizza with salad i enjoyed it .
0.5 Stars20.11.2017
الاسعار غاليه الجبن قليل

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