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3 Stars14.2.2023
المزيد من العروض والأسعار التنافسية
3 Stars14.11.2022
Emax is very professional and reputed electronics. store had best quality product and designs price are very cheap and best ,should need make some more household appliances ,
1 Stars1.11.2022
I visited one of their branches in sahara centre once. During convos with staff , i realised some of them were clueless about some of the items that they sell. The offers looked great , but there was no clarity about certain products i wanted , so i looked elsewhere.
3 Stars31.10.2022
Staff are very helpful. good prices specially for TVs
3 Stars4.10.2022
more promotion sales for all the brand.
2 Stars20.6.2022
More items to be discounted would be great.
3 Stars5.2.2022
Emax is best electronic store it's products quality is best important prices are very cheap compared to other stores ,staff are very friendly and helpful with good knowledge and good customer satisfaction service.
2 Stars29.12.2021
best brand but lease in promotions
3 Stars16.11.2021
اتمنى لهم التقدم والازدهار

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