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0.5 Stars10.2.2023
I will never ever use this delivery app again, their customer service is horrendous. No resolution and will directly refer you to send e-mail to their support team. I was so confused on why they have chat support if these people cannot help you in any way. Even the email support doesn't do anything just asking for information then tell you that your feedback is important to them, that's it. All dead end answers. Avoid at all cost!
1 Stars23.1.2023
التركيز أكثر على مواعيد التوصيل حيث انه من المعتاد التأخر كثيرا في ايصال الطلبات بعكس الشركات الأخرى
3 Stars17.1.2023
The brand being overpriced compared to other competitors in the market still justifies it by providing extra mile services to the customers , The staff drivers are well trained appearance , and Hygenie is well maintained and follows the protocols of basic food handling , and food safety procedures , I recommend this app and service to everyone
1 Stars26.12.2022
Not too good service...
0.5 Stars23.8.2022
Most of the riders are rude.👎
0.5 Stars28.7.2022
This company started very well and distinguished itself among the competitors.Customer service was at 10/10 now unfortunately you get treated poorly although you pay for delivery and services now ! It’s been couple of times where I get a totally wrong order , submit for return and refund and get rejected !!!!!!! I don’t understand on which world , you pay your money , you get something you didn’t ask , and you don’t have the right to return and refund !Delivery times becoming out of control , and every time you call to complain , they’ll tell “ that shop handles its own delivery or this is third part “marketplace “ restaurant “ in either cases an expected peaceful meal turns into an unpleasant argument and few times no meal! Furthermore , during my last interaction , the agent was trying to teach me how to talk !!! Which felt really disrespectful.I hope this review gets noticed by their management
1 Stars23.4.2022
بصراحه تطبيق هائل وسرعه التوصيل ممتازين واذا فى شىء فى الاوردر بيتم التواصل عبر الهاتف او ارجاع الفلوس
3 Stars5.4.2022
more offers like free dlivrey without subcribe
2 Stars23.3.2022
they have great offers and a great UI.

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