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2 Stars19.6.2023
Everytime I need a niche grocery product I can be sure to find it at Carrefour on the app. The convenience of Carrefour now with its 60 minute delivery is amazing and it's location coverage is also very extensive. The convenience of being able to order all your grocery item from a single source and having it delivered within 60 minutes makes me go back on the app for all my routine grocery shopping.
2 Stars11.4.2023
It has lots of variety
3 Stars16.3.2023
When you are checking in website item available, but if you check in Apps item out of stock. Third party delivery guy sometime is rude and useless talking..
3 Stars18.1.2023
لا يوجد
3 Stars31.12.2022
they have a lot of promotion and cheap price as well.
3 Stars29.12.2022
carrefour is offering variety product online and physical branch and product prices is lower compare to other companies.
3 Stars27.12.2022
😊 always happy
2 Stars26.12.2022
App need to be more attractive like Noon but Product should be of Carrefour not like Noon. If it can be combination of both Carrefour can beat Noon
3 Stars17.12.2022
they already got it all. just hoping they can do something with the long queue blocking alleys
3 Stars16.12.2022
Before Im happy with my delivery. Delivery guy will help and assist you, even wait to check your item. Now, they just doorbel, drop your item and just says CARREFOUR DELIVERY and leave..

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