Top Shop / Top Man #43
Al Shaya
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5 Stars14.3.2022
Store is aesthetically arranged. Provide more choices for shoes, tops, and dresses please.
5 Stars24.6.2021
ترتيب الملابس و ديكور جميل الموظفين على مستوى عالي من التدريب ملابس ذات طابع خاص جودة و متانة بالاقمشة يرجى النضر في الاسعار مبالغ فيها قليلا بالنسبة للمنافسين تنوع الملابس مطلوب زيادة عدد الافرع و الانتشار بشكل اوسع اعطاء حصة وفيرة للمواقع التواصل الاجتماعي و السوشل مديا
5 Stars16.12.2019
the prices are very very unreasonably expensive unless it’s on sale but i really like my clothes they’re very stylish and trendy:)
3 Stars6.10.2019
Salespersons are approachable
3 Stars4.8.2019
The last item I bought in their store was a two piece bikini. And I got it for cheaper price.
5 Stars30.12.2018
The product is of good quality and the prices are good during sale. They should have sales more frequently.
5 Stars21.12.2017
My all time favorite brand when it comes to tops, quality is amazing. I bought years ago most of the clothes but till now iam using it. I’am always looking forward the sale period and will do the mass shopping. I’ts quite expensive if not on promotion...
5 Stars6.12.2017
topshop had very good quality and prices also very good needs improvement for kids section
5 Stars30.11.2017
collection wise very good.staff should be more professional.
3 Stars24.12.2016
nice store

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