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1 Stars19.6.2023
So far I like Giordano but the price is really not affordable and convenient it's come of my expectation it's too high and some of the design is not match my desire.
5 Stars13.2.2023
From then until now. I love the quality of this product. Good value for the money.
5 Stars26.1.2023
From then till now ... Giordano one of the best quality clothes /fashion outfit
0.5 Stars18.1.2023
I brought t-shirts from a store, quality is not good and I wear it’s started itching.
0.5 Stars31.12.2022
Not good at all
5 Stars27.12.2022
Giordano are a chain with outlets in major cities. They often have half price sales, so for instance, it's possible to buy shorts (100% cotton, and quite durable) for half price.
5 Stars23.8.2022
With a good quality since then till now ...
5 Stars20.6.2022
More design
3 Stars4.4.2022
Keep the sizes and stock .
5 Stars22.2.2022
Clothes are of quality fabric and colors are pleasing to the eyes. Although it is an old brand, lived up to my expectations through the years.

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