Mazda #20
Galadari Automobiles
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5 Stars10.9.2021
They have good service staff is very accomodating
5 Stars25.7.2021
Mazda service people are always helpful and are very quick in returning the car after servicing it. Their prices are economical. I have always used Mazda service center for my car since years now and never had any issues.
3 Stars23.11.2020
The staff are very accomodating. Also now, you can opt to deliver the car to your place after servicing for a minimal fee.
1 Stars16.2.2019
when it comes to car service: i request to have a battery check, and replace if necessary... the ild battery was not given back or asked me if i wanted it as it was still operTional. when i bought the car, i was told that the car gps map can be updated and that i am entitled for 3 complimentary updates; when my first service was due, i requested to update the map, they claimed it was updated even though it was more then a year after i bought it. As for the rest of the services, when i request to update the map, they pretended not to know what i was referring to and then claimed that they don’t do this service, and until this day my mazda Gps map is still outdated.
5 Stars17.9.2018
Little affordable service options
5 Stars30.12.2017
Apart from a good service you provide in each of the domain, Need to bring some good cost effective service packages & loyalty programs in order to create an never ending Image in the minds o customer, Stay Blessed!
0.5 Stars28.12.2017
Service workshop not good....
5 Stars12.10.2017
they know what they're doing, their prices and the quality are very good and they're trustworthy
5 Stars17.8.2016
Very good space. But must have back ac
0.5 Stars27.7.2016
I have had a very bad experience when I gave my car for servicing.after emptying my pocket still did not get basic services done.i have gone back to al futaim as it charges you but also provides service.

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