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5 Stars19.12.2022
A bit expensive but the buns here are fresh and worth it
5 Stars4.11.2022
تزكية الموظفين
5 Stars4.10.2022
Perfect in all ways.... The taste of papa roti makes my craving strong to eat it every time I cross the store. The services r perfect.
5 Stars12.9.2022
الانتشار اكتر و التوسع لتغطية اكبر قدر من الزبائن كل شي مميز و طيب
5 Stars27.7.2022
انا ازور الفرع يلي في ياس مول كون المنطقة الغربية لايوجد فرع لو توفر فرع في بدع ذايد سوف يضيف دخل جيد للشركة
5 Stars11.1.2022
The bun is amazingly delightful as usual, pricy but worthy.
5 Stars4.12.2021
One of my favourite coffee drink ( cafe latte) plus the freshness of the original bun. What a great combination for a coffee lover like me. I would highly recommend to some friends who's having a meet up as well. Thank you!
1 Stars15.9.2021
If you are sweet tooth person one must surely visit PappaRoti they have the best buns with so many flavors. And value for money as well.
0.5 Stars20.8.2021
تجديد ف المنيوا
5 Stars15.7.2021
Make the bun little more bigger

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