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3 Stars19.1.2021
This is my highway coffee best friend 😁 I always buy a coffee planet cup while driving long distances, it became a ritual to me. The coffee is strong, they mainly use medium & dark roasted beans which makes the coffee just as good as it could be, recommend place to have a coffee either dine in or , like me, on the road
3 Stars11.4.2020
I love the excellent customer service
3 Stars31.12.2019
I like the aroma of there coffee beans
2.5 Stars11.6.2018
في الصباح ذاهبه الى العمل اتوقف عند شيشه البنزين و اشتري الاتيه المفضل مع فليل من سيروب الشوكولا
1 Stars19.3.2018
الاسعار غالية مقارنة بالاماكن الاخرى
3 Stars26.11.2017
nice coffee whereas increase the verity of deserts.

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