Suzuki #32
Mustafa Karam & Sons
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1 Stars10.9.2023
تأخير في الصيانه . القيمه المدفوعه عاليه .
3 Stars21.5.2023
عدم التفاعل الجيد مع المشكله .
0.5 Stars9.3.2023
Service speed very low, even a oil change need 8 hrs,😡
5 Stars6.11.2022
Please make a cafeteria in the bike srvice area bbecause customer keep standing there and want to see the job done.
1 Stars23.8.2022
وقت الانتظار طويل
5 Stars17.11.2021
I've trusted their garage eversince I acquired my grand vitara. Their staffs are helpful and friendly. Attentive to your car's issues and needs. Mechanics are knowledgeable and will suggest/inform you any issues/problems with your car. Spare parts are pricey and not available most of the time. Their garage locations are convenient. Waiting room for customers is kept neat/tidy.
1 Stars16.4.2020
اسعار قطع الغيار تحتاج تخفيض.
0.5 Stars13.4.2020
The spare parts specially is so expensive and they are only the one who sell.
0.5 Stars13.4.2020
الصيانه غاليه و لكن بالاخص قطع الغيار مرتفعه الثمن لانها لا تباع الا بالوكاله.
3 Stars10.10.2019
I like suzuki because even i own one of the suzuki cars. I dislike about suzuki cars is that their parts are very very expensive compare to other cars. Mustafa karam should bring cheap parts to Kuwait. Compare to India the parts in Kuwait are much higher than the parts in India. Because i love Suzuki cars thats why sometimes i have to bear the money

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