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Free country reports

The Service Hero Index is rich in data which is aggregated into reports. These reports are aimed at companies and research organizations interested in learning about service standards in UAE. We offer two types of reports: free country level reports, and paid-for category and customized reports.

Free country-level reports

Both high level and detailed country-level reports for UAE are available for free. These reports show how the country as a whole rated in service standards by the various demographic groups that rated in the survey.

Although country reports don't show individual company scores or industry details, they include:

  • Overall country standards - Expected vs. Actual: UAE's overall score on both expected (prior) and actual (after) service standards.
  • Gaps: Gaps between expected and actual service scores and areas of strength and weakness by service dimension measured.
  • Demographic scores: How different groups scored the country (e.g. males versus females, Emiratis versus other Arabs etc.).
  • Category scores: Overall scores by industry category.
  • Trends: Comparison of scores over previous year(s).
  • Service Heroes: Top scoring three companies and top three nominees for each category.
  • International comparison: Category and national comparison with other indexes around the world.

Download Service Hero UAE Index & Award Book 2021
Download Service Hero UAE Index & Award Book 2019-2020
Download Service Hero UAE Index & Award Book 2018
Download Service Hero UAE Index & Award Book 2017
Download Service Hero UAE Index & Award Book 2016

The NPS for UAE in 2021 stands at 37%.

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