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Standard Category Reports

SH Standard Annual Category Index

The Category Index offers valuable insight on your company's customer experience compared to competitors, peers and the industry. Questions are based on the Service Hero / American Customer Satisfaction Index. Comparisons to best-in-class organizations are possible as is the change over time.


  1. Service dimensions (staff, value, location, quality, reliability, speed, call center, & website)
  2. Expectations and gaps
  3. Loyalty and the Net Promoter Score
  4. Importance
  5. Demographics
  6. Changes over time

SH Standard Category Index – Quarterly Reports

In addition to the standard Service Hero / American Customer Satisfaction Index questions, companies pre-registering for the Category Index Quarterly Reports service can receive data in a timely manner in order to enable frequent improvement execution. Companies will need to invite their customers to provide feedback in order to ensure statistically robust samples using their website homepage, SMSs and emails.

Please contact us for more information on this.

Sample reports

To give you an idea of the report outline and the type of information it includes, we have a sample report focusing on the competitive section of a report.

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For the 4th time, UAEs lowest scoring category is Mobile Operators.

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