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Engagement dashboard

The Engagement Dashboard is a unique new tool empowering brands to interact directly with customers. Viewing and responding to public comments on Service Hero reinforces the message that you care and that satisfaction is important to you. The dashboard allows you to: flag comments for follow up internally, view sentiment analysis and star rating per user as well as sort and filter comments based on date, sentiment and response.

Advantages of the Engagement Dashboard:

  • Demonstrate your interest in receiving consumer comments
  • Post public replies to consumers’ public comments and concerns
  • Interact directly with consumers in a timely manner
  • Flag comments for internal follow up
  • Have accountability in follow up and issue resolution
  • Sort & filter comments by one or more characteristics:
    • Date comment received
    • Comment Sentiment
    • User rating
    • Response received (helpful or unhelpful)
  • Interactively graph comment sentiment analysis by date

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