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The experience is usually pleasant, but today was an exception.I bought a couple of stools from the "as is" section, and one of them was missing a footrest (expected in the as-is) . The "as is" staff told me that it would be possible for me to get a footrest from the exchange counter. Therefore, I headed there, took a queue number and waited for 15 minutes to see the lady at the "spare parts" counter. She looked at the bill and then spent a few minutes checking the stool's diagram on the computer. Then she came back to me and said: "You got this from the As-is". I told her that her colleague in the as-is had told me to come and check for part here!. However, she just repeated the same thing (it's like talking to a robot!). Of course I started to feel angry, and I wondered why IKEA staff would throw me around like that. She then asked me to head back to as-is and said she would talk to the guy. I headed back and there she was talking to a new guy at the as-is section. I approached the guy hoping to make sense of what's going on and re-explained my dilemma to him. His answer: This is the as-is, it is expected that items will have missing parts (like I don't know that!). I told him that his colleague asked me to go check for the missing part, and surprisingly he started explaining the as-is to me again. I said: "If I cannot buy parts, why do you have a spare-part counter?". "For screws" he replied.What a waste of time! Such incompetence for a global brand!Personally, I blame the lack of interpersonal skills on the training department.

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