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2016 Country Winners

Service Hero announces annual customer satisfaction winners based on the results of the Service Hero Index. We are the only entity in the region that awards winners based solely on consumers' ratings.

The top three brands with the highest scores for overall customer satisfaction among all brands in the country that met the minimum assessment requirements were:

First Place


Second Place



Emirates, wholly owned by the government of Dubai, is an airline based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, UAE. It is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating over 2,500 flights per week, to 122 cities in 74 countries across six continents. The airline ranks amongst the top 10 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue and passenger kilometres, and has become the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size, and passengers. In 2011 the airline was the fourth-largest airline in the world.

Emirates has built up a strong brand name as a leader in the aviation industry, particularly in terms of service excellence, its very rapid growth, coupled with consistent profitability. In 2011, It was awarded the title of “Airline of the Year” for 2011. The award has been given based on recognition of its commitment to safety and operational excellence, along with customer service trendsetters, financial condition including a 22-year consecutive annual profit.

Third Place

The Cheesecake Factory