0.5 Stars14.10.2012
hope they will give more promos and special discount..
0.5 Stars11.10.2012
Let the cashiers be available on their POSes. specially TSC -Salwa
3 Stars10.10.2012
too many discounts
3 Stars10.10.2012
team work - professional - international retailer - brand and trust
1 Stars8.10.2012
بالنسبة لمواقف السيارات حسب موقع السوق لأن توجد أماكن مواقفها بسيطة .
2.5 Stars3.10.2012
just add more variety of products to choose from so that customer will not prepare to go to other place to look for their needs....and just continue what they are doing when it comes to product promotion(flyer items) cause that is one of the best idea to encourage the customers to visit the store.
3 Stars3.10.2012
amazing and honest staff especially the cashiers.
2.5 Stars2.10.2012
My family have been visiting it over the years mostly cause of the quality of fruits and rest grocery ... its like our family market now ... 4-5 visits each month .. and will continue to visit as it's having all what's in demand .. :) .. some times the service is low but now have improved over the years ... best super market soo far
3 Stars2.10.2012
Very Good for shopping , I think there is also jewelery be want , like fashion jewelery
3 Stars1.10.2012
good service

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