2.5 Stars14.7.2021
More promo especially during these pandemic times.
3 Stars9.7.2021
Chicken are crispy and juicy, i miss my childhood memories that Jollibee bring more joy and happiness, bida ang saya😘
3 Stars5.7.2021
need to add more staff in order to leesen long lines during peak
0.5 Stars18.6.2021
I will not back again
3 Stars15.6.2021
One of the best fried chicken in Kuwait is Jollibee! Filipinos All time favorite
0.5 Stars25.5.2021
I hope that you are concern with the portions of your meals, as it was totally different since you reintroduced again here in Kuwait last 2012. Now, on your 9th year in the business, my only question is why you are making the portions less? There is a standard food portion law implemented here in Kuwait, making less is totally against standards, from your spaghetti, rice, drinks, even the gravy for the chicken, was very less portion with the same cost.. Your under Fastfood chain category, not a Diet Plan Provider to make portions of meals. Give the right servings according to the cost of your products.
1.5 Stars25.5.2021
Less your delivery charge
2.5 Stars24.5.2021
Keep it up Boys and girls
2.5 Stars24.5.2021
I hope that there will be an available customer service for order taking in other applications such as Messenger.
2.5 Stars22.5.2021
It’s good but not perfect

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