3 Stars28.4.2017
I will definetely come back always.. affordable price and good food
3 Stars5.1.2017
Brings me back to my home land.. i will always come back bcoz of the food
1.5 Stars17.11.2016
I'm Jollibee baby & so with my kids. We just love their pinoy food.
0.5 Stars14.9.2016
I was expecting the food taste would be same as in the philippnes but it was not even close, we order roasted chicken ,it was still raw inside
0.5 Stars14.9.2016
The worst fast food in kuwait
0.5 Stars13.9.2016
Working in a customer service environment I know and how should I deal with customers. They should have the proper tone talking to a customer even in phone. And as an order taker you should know your product. And having inconvenience with the micros its not customers fault . You as a staff or employee should know what is the other option that you can help the customer. The customer call Coz they need your service They want it not to dissapoint them .
3 Stars30.7.2016
Ensure the freshness/hotness of the food before serving.
3 Stars8.11.2015
For filipinos like us, jollibee will always be the best, just want to improve the jolly hotdog product i hope it will be exact Y the same taste in the philippines
3 Stars4.11.2015
their chickenjoy are getting smaller.
3 Stars26.5.2014
More staff in the counter to improve speed of service

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