3 Stars9.11.2020
Their customer service is AMAZING !!!!! Our delivery was late and they solved the problem so well and we’re so understanding and helpful. We even got 5 KD credit because they were late! I’m so pleased. The only problem I have is that sometimes the app doesn’t accept my debit card and it’s hard to pick a method of payment. I hope they’ll fix this.
3 Stars8.11.2020
Deliveroo have always been extremely reliable and helpful when it comes to any issues with delivery! Always impressed by their customer service.
0 Stars8.11.2020
خدمة التوصيل مرتفعة
1.5 Stars8.11.2020
The worst thing is you cannot use the app to check the menu once a restaurant is closed! They need to fix this
3 Stars4.11.2020
Easy to use
2.5 Stars2.11.2020
تطبيق رائع لكن يحتاج الي اهتمام ومجهود اكثر ..اغلب المطاعم قيمة التوصيل بها اعلي من التطبيقات الاخري وهناك مطاعم تحتاج الي سيارة لتوصيل الطلب وليس سيكل لان اغلب الاكل او العصائر تصل مدمرة كما يحبذ وضع خانه لكتابه الملاحظات الخاصة بالطعام قبل واثناء الطلب ..عروضهم رائع كل اثنين في تخفيضات علي بعض المطاعم
0.5 Stars2.11.2020
اغلب السائقين لا يعرفون اكثر الاماكن و بعد شرح تفصيلي للعنوان لا يستطيع الوصول فيجب توظيف من له خبره بالاماكن .
3 Stars20.10.2020
Batter than talabat and carriage
0.5 Stars11.9.2020
Bad customer service!!
1.5 Stars4.9.2020
One delivery man was disrecpectful, high voice and even told me that it is difficult for him to find my place of delivery when in fact it would be easy since I'm in a clinic that time. A well known one.

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