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2.5 Stars23.12.2020
Good combination of food
3 Stars20.12.2020
A unique combination, variety of menus that's suites on every people's taste. A very special salad that you can only find in chili pepper, huge portion of fries and delightful tacos in every bite.
3 Stars23.11.2020
الاكل لذيذ و فرش يحضر مباشرة اقدر اقول افضل مطعم مكسيكي في الكويت
3 Stars19.10.2019
Absolutely love this restaurant. The food is always good and fresh
3 Stars1.5.2019
Add more locations Dixie the two miavyioks it’s available, either have parking problem or you have to go way too inside into a mall to get it. Other than that it’s completely amazing!

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