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Recently Sultan management has had excellent ideas on how to ruin a once respected brand. Inconsistent product availability, regular widely available products more expensive than other supermarkets, 4 day old fresh fruit and vegetables, and the slow death of higher quality American and European products for regional and own-brand Sultan items. The only reason I still regularly go is location convenience, hoping competitors branch out soon.

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Check the expiry dates, restock products that are missing for months, also u find a product u like u start buying and u know lots of ppl buying it but suddenly they stop bringing it



It's truly disappointing to see TSC deteriorate so badly in recent years. While there are some positive developments -- like opening up the Shaab branch -- the negatives are overwhelming. Terrible consistency in terms of availability of products within branches and across the group. I need to go to Salmiya to buy my preferred brand of kitchen rolls and butter, Shaab to get my preferred brand of bottled water, ... to name but two simple examples. Fruits and veg are hardly ever sufficiently fresh. The organic and gluten free products seem to have become endangered species. And the US and European products that once made TSC stand out from the rest seem to be replaced by cheaper Sultan brand and other regional products. They are not the same quality. And yet the prices are still higher than other supermarkets. It feel like management has given up or is intentionally trying to kill what was once a market leader.

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المنتجات ممتازة والتنوع رائع لكن الأسعار عالية والأفرع في المناطق السكنية صغيرة جدا على الرغم انها تخدم عدد كبير جدايرجى تزويد الأسعار على المنتجات وعدد العاملين لخدمة عدد أكبر

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Customer service remains strong and location for me is convenient. This combined with product selection not usually found elsewhere made paying slightly more worth it. But lately many less common items which were available for years are no longer available, from local and French dairy products to personal hygiene, detergents and house pet products. Ironically, some of these missing items are now sold in co-ops. They seem to be losing what made them unique.

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The profuct are the same in other market but it is really expensive un sultan



Basics are missing often like peanut butter and vanilla. The brands available are cheap ones..what happened to all.thr premium brands Sultan used to carry?

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Sultan has more premium imported products than other supermarkets

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i saw a rat under the fridge in the meat section dirty mess

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