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في هايبر ماركت ما عنده اداره و لا يحترمون العميل و الادارة غرفه فيها عماله تهين العميل و كراسي مكسره للأسف ماكو ويه مقارنه مع اكبر هايبر ماركت

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Response السلام عليكم شكرًا لوقتك على كتابة هذا التقييم. ونعتذز أن حدث شء ما أفسد تسوقك



الاسعار جدا جدا غاليه للمنتجات المستورده

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Response السلام عليكم شكرا لذوقك بالنسبة لاسعار لدينا عروض رائعة بيوم الاثنين وخلال نهاية الاسبوع بالاضافة الي العروض الحصرية باقي ايام الاسبوع عائلة سيفكو



items are not organised well in the store which is confusing, location al rai poor with traffic being very bad especially on the weekends

Response Thank you for taking the time to review the store. We always strive to improve our customer satisfaction rate. May we know if something have hindered your experience at Saveco so that we work harder on improving the store and the experience of our customers. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.Thank you very much we truly appreciate your feedback, Warm Regards, The Saveco Family



حل أزمة المواقف

Response السلام عليكم شكرًا لوقتك على كتابة هذا التقييم. نود أن نعرف من حضرتك كيف يمكننا أن نطور من خدماتنا لنحصل على رضاك التام و تقييم آفضل ونعتذز أن حدث شء ما أفسد تسوقك وبالنسبة للمواقف لدينا مواقف بفرع الري بكلا الاتجاهين وكذلك بفرع الافنيوز مدخل 28 و29 مع التحيات،عائلة سيفكو



To allow bukhoor to be burning in a food establishment is wrong. It is also wrong when you have a playground for kids for them to be inhaling this the whole time they are there. Why even one such stall is allowed is bizarre and so against common sense health and well being in a food place, let alone three or four such stalls! One cannot BREATHE in this shop. My son often starts coughing. This used to be my favorite place to shop, but I come less and less now because of this. I also know my friends and family have stopped for the same reason. Sadly, I have spoken to management THREE times about this. Each time, I am promised they have changed their policy, so I go back to the store, and yet it is still burning and the bukhoor shop keepers ignore me when I ask them to stop. I notice I am not the only on to comment on this. Maybe now the management will take this more seriously.

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Save-co was one of my favorite places to shop. However, the unbelievable smell of perfume and bukhour that is burned right in the middle of the store has made it impossible for me to shop there. I cough while I'm there, and I come home with my clothes and hair reeking and, worse still, with all my groceries smelling of perfume/bukhour (which then gets transferred to my kitchen cabinets and fridge). Some of my products (bread, tortillas) smell like perfume/bukhour even INSIDE the packaging! I end up having to throw expensive items in the trash. Me and my friends have complained to management more than once, but nothing has been done to remedy the awful, unhygienic, and unsafe environment. It is especially unsafe for children to be inhaling all that smoke and perfume. What a shame—Save-co used to be one of my favorite grocery stores in Kuwait. Sadly, I will not return or recommend this place to friends or family until this disastrous problem is solved once and for all. Given management's lack of response to previous complaints—promises were made but not kept—I am not optimistic.

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open more branches next to residential areas! keep up the great work



Bring the vanilla chai tea back! And the chocolate covered raisins. I also think they should keep everything in stock, some weeks everything is fine, other weeks this or that is missing. Just keep everything stocked, it's really irritating to drive all that way and not get what you need/want.


not enough employees to help around not enough parking


I've tried to prefer this brand, but it's simply too confusing and they do not stock brand product that we would want to buy. Staff knowledge is below par.


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