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بالنسبه لي المكان جدا سئ ولا يوجد تعامل راقي ولا يوجد تنظيم



Not so good for shopping. Most of the products are unavailable for Indians especially

Expert Influencer


Always check the shelves on veggies and fruits section It should look appealing and bountiful.

Expert Ambassador


Need to cross check while billing.. many times u get cheated..

Expert Ambassador Influencer


منتجاتها غير اصلية من ناحية الالكترونيات ، عروضهم على منتجات غير معتمدة ، والسوبر ماركت ليس سلس للتسوق


These days you are allowed to overprice just coz the tag says it’s healthy food

Expert Influencer


الرجاء توسيع فروعها

Expert Influencer


فروعه كثيرة لكنها في شوارع ضيقه مما يصعب الوصول بعض الشئ وعدم وجود مصافط بالقدر الكافي والمكان من الداخل غير منظم العروض جيده ولكن لايوجد اعلانات جيدة وعدم وجود موظفين ملمين بمحتويات الأرفف

Expert Influencer


Need lots of improvisation. Specially at billing counters many times they do entry of the product 2 times.. or if the product is in offer they still pit the original price.. they dont update their system as per offers.. have to keep eyes wide open while billing..

Expert Ambassador Influencer


Their rates are mostly higher than other supermarkets like bluemart n grand hyper due to which u see it mostly less crowded compared to others

Expert Influencer

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