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Dean & Deluca

Supermarkets - Al Shaya

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أشعر أن أسعارهم مُبالغ فيها.

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More choices and more kind of foods need to be added

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زيادة خيارات السلطات وكذلك ارغب في زيادة خيارات اواني الطبخ والهدايا وخفض السعر

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جربت فرعهم الجديد على البحر ، الموقع ممتاز ممتاز اكثر من رائع ، لكن الاصناف قليلة

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الاسعار عالية جدا.....

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i love Dean & Deluca i have been to Dean & Deluca thailand and Singapore and right now the new branch on the kuwat is the water front.I really enjoy to visit and eating 😊

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Multi national brands with different variants but expensive.

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جيد جداً وعالي جداً

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The brick oven is nice, otherwise average tasting food at above average prices.

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