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Supermarkets - Majid Al Futtaim

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Most of the sections no proper or enough employ to clarify the doubts of customers if we ask some doubts their attitude is disappointing or not bothered to answer the customer's query. Certain category of peoples they answers properly but not to major.This attitude to be changed.

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حل وتوفير مشكلة الاماكن السيارات وتنظيم طابور الدفع بشكل اكبر واتمنى لهم استمرارهم على النجاح الرائع 💚💚

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Value for money means a lot, good prices and offers. It's a one stop shop, everything we need is there. The only concern is the shopping bag. Yes it's eco- friendly but the management should think a better option where to put the goods that we purchase, over all there still food on we purchase and needs to be pack properly. The plastic easily torn and it's very inconvenient to carry the damaged bags. The plastic bag is like that already plus add the careless baggers which totally mess up the service. Some cashiers don't even know how to smile (genuine smile). I encounter many times that they are complaining to their managers as they don't go for their break yet. If that's like they should not argue in front of the customer. It really affects the customer service.

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يرجي الاهتمام بالموظفين

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I really do not enjoy shopping at Carrefour. Even though it is cheap it is not worth visiting in my opinion because it is always so crowded and the service is slow. Not only that, but I feel like some of the sections are dirty. In the fresh produce for example, I see people putting fruits and vegetables near their noses to smell them and that grosses me out. Customer actions like this should be banned and staff should be more trained to avoid these things and also to be faster on the cash register.

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Increase the quantities for the product where mentioned in sales Expedite the scale process by increase the staff there

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عن طريق تواجد فريق المبيعات بالقرب من الاقسام والمنتجات للمساعدة ، وتسهيل الحركة عند الكاشير

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the best prices and variety in Kuwait👌👌

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عروضه مميزه و كثيره

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يعتبر ارخص مكان و منتجاته عاليه الجوده


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