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Quality Staff and Quick Service as they do now.


Listen to the customer's complaints and try to solve the problem instead of ignoring the issue and losing the customer


They introduce new wiring instructions almost monthly. Tellers poorly trained, slow, unpleasant and generally get in the way of simply getting things done.

Expert Influencer


أتمنى انا يتم تيسير بعض الامور ليكون متاحا لجميع الفئات الاستفادة من خدمة البنك وخصوصا بالنسبة للقروض


12 months ago Gulf Bank allowed my wife to get a car loan to purchase a KD 6000 car. Now she applied for a KD 2000 personal loan, and it was not approved because her employer is "not on the list" despite the fact that the school she is working at is the number one primary school in Kuwait. The service from the Surra Branch and the call center so far has been pathetic, with no one being willing to help to clarify this. It really looks as if Gulf Bank is not looking for additional business. Maybe she should go to NBK (where I bank) and I am getting the service I deserve.


Very fast and very good service.


Yes, i am using gulf bank personal banking from last four years, and find it very easier, cooperative and safe for my personal banking.


+تعامل ممتاز من قبل الموظفين +سهولة انهاء المعاملات -املك حساب عندهم ومن خمس سنين إلى الأن لا يقومون بعروض او خصومات إلا ايام الأعياد (عيد الفطر والاضحى) او مهرحان فبراير ولا حتى خصم على المحلات المفضل لدينا او التي ازورها بشكل مستمر - الخدمة الهاتفية ضعيفه - عند اتصالي لمعرفة اقرب فرع لمنطقة الرقة غير المتواجد في منطقة فهد الأحمد اجاب الموظف انه علي التوجه إلى شرق !؟ بالعلم انه يوجد فرع في منطقة هدية - قالو في دعايتهم انه المعايش ينزل صباحا و المعاملة لا تأخذ اكثر من 10 دقائق ولكن معاشي ينزل 3 عصرا



They deal every customer equally .

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