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من أسوأ البنوك على الاطلاق .. جفاف في التعامل ..عدم نظام وتكدس مبالغ في جدا.. اضطرني اسحب كل رصيدي واعود للبنك الوطني صاحب الريادة في الخدمات الراقية



لاكثر من ثمانية عشر عاما عميلا في البنك ، لم اجد اكثر من كونه وعاء ( حصالة نقود) .



They need to be carful of whothey put in charge the in marketing, they are absolutely unreliability and they will do anything just to let you open an account in the bank even if it took them to lie.



please smile to your customers its not gonna hurt you ...... and don't give false informations concerning cards and accounts thats not professional at all ....

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بعض الموظفين لا يساعد الا بوجود واسطه ...خصوصا عند فتح حساب توفير ...يخبرك انه ليس متوفر حاليا وعند الاتصال بخدمة العملاء يخبرك نه متوفر !!

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فرع الضجيج يحتاج الي تطوير مزدحم جدا ولديهم فرع بالرقعي لأصحاب الاعمال خدمته ممتازه وسريع

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1. Worst Call Center they have nobody answers and if they do it's of no use. 2. Few Employees they have worked really hard most of them just know how to pass the ball in others court. 3. They launched a very good Cheque deposit system but very poorly executed, where only CBK Cheques are easily deposited but CBK customer bring cheque from other bank has to suffer in lines. This new service needs to be looked into and make a better platform for excepting cheques from another bank also made easy.


When visiting CBK they should know how to react regarding the prepaid visa card, and not to tell you to call the call center.

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أسرع بنك في المعاملات وخدمة أكثر من رائعة

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