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My husband got new work and new ATM card. I went to The Avenues to met him and withdraw the money and go shopping. We tried all ATM their but it did'nt work since he's holding DINAR SALARY CARD. I suggest they make it easy for the people who have that. It end up we went home and withdraw it in farwaniya since they have like that.



Websites useless. loan calculator page's not working and has been like that for years now. complained online and no response.


بنك فاشل لا يقدر العميل لا يعرف ماذا يفعل ، لا توجد خدمات مميزة والبطاقات السحب الآلي قديمة وليست نفس باقي البنوك متطورة وشكلها حلو الخدمة الهاتفية ما يردون بسرعة والعذر ضغط عليهم وأي تحديث للبيانات تخص العميل لا يتم الإتصال عليه وإبلاغه بالمطلوب وإنما إستخدام طرق الحجز وما شابهها والتعليقات كثيرة . شكراً لسعة صدوركم معنا ، سيرفس هيرو .



we need an smartphone application


Need to have more English Speaking Staff


Any Successful property MUST put their customer init first. By other meaning the customer should feel that the service he is getting more than or at least equal to the money he spend!

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If you need expats to have money in thier accounts there should be returns otherwise what comes in would go out. Thank you.


there should b more ATM machines for cash depositing in salmiya


Very complicated online service. They are asking me to change my password every 30 days, that's why I have to write my password everywhere in order not to lose it, and that in turn compromises the security of my account. I am afraid somebody will find it one day and my money will be gone. Why should I change it every 30 days? All other banks do not ask their clients to change their online passwords! Another problem is the call center, very poor service, too much delay and waiting, quality of service is bad, unfriendly agents!



service for prmier banking is poor. u must give faciley for cash deposit and witdhdrawl at 2nd floor at prmier banking hall.

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