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من الافضل منح تسهيلات إئتمانية اكثر



I was unhappy after so many years of service with burgan bank / i had a head office visit comparable every year where the service was poor / no care attitude type .. but they has a very good customer care service earlier! But their products / and other facilities are overall best !

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أفضل السريه التامه وعدم نزول النقودبيومها المحدد

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I think the awards are not done correctly

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The staff should be more friendly

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Better customer service irrespective of nationality

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لا يوجد عروض ومميزات للعملاء المميزين بالبنك ف اتمنى الاهتمام اكثر بالعملاء .

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ارغب ديما ان اكون عميل لهم

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This bank Burgan - make me an awesome extra miles expectation during this pandemic and difficulty time. My civil id was expired and as we all know we need to update it also to bank to avoid bank account temporary hold. Luckily my visa renewed and still my civil id on process but they update it directly without my presence.It helps a lot. Thanks burgan for continuing enhance your service

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