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Qatar Airways

Regional Arab Airlines

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Staff attitude is different from flight to another .Avios not reflect the travel calculation , always is more than what they earned.Suggest to have more flexibility seat for long distances.

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Staff in Doha Airport lounge especially reception should be knowledgable of the terms and conditions for accessing the lounges and this should be mentioned clearly on their website!

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although we had arrived before the connecting flight departed, the personel delayed us and kept us in the airport for a number of hours before putting us up in a hotel.



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Out of Kuwait 1 hour delay. Out of doha another hour delay. Result: missed US connection. Qatar staff in US, shrug. Booked me on next flight with partner airline, turns out it was wrong flight. So had to wait for yet another connection.

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الاسعار اذا ممكن عمل عروض في منطقة الشرق الاوسط

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I don't think I have ever rated a company so poorly, but based on this one experience, Qatar Airways earned this score. And I was traveling on First and Business!The flight was delayed leaving Kuwait by 1 hour due to the airline's inability to manage the check-in process and queues. For the first time in my life, I had to wait in the First Class check-in line for 2 hours! The airline staff were unwilling or unable to make any changes to improve the flow for all passengers and clearly did not see any reason to prioritize First Class passengers. As a result, all economy passengers were checked in before us and our "First Class Experience" was destroyed. It only got worse from there. For reference, the staff argued that the reason for the delay was that there were three flights at the same time. Looking at the flight info screens, there was a flight at 4am, a flight at 5am (ours), and another at 11am. If Qatar Airways can't handle three flights in the span of 7 hours then you have serious problems! Each time we would mention to a staff member (staff and managers at the check-in counters in Kuwait or on the flight to Doha) that as a result of this delay we might miss our flight to Athens and that we were also concerned about our luggage not making it, we were told in a very confident tone: "they will hold the Athens flight for you -- I guarantee it" or "you will have plenty of time to make your flight and your baggage will definitely make it".Instead, the only way that my wife and I made the flight to Athens was to literally sprint from the arriving gate to the connecting gate. When we arrived there, the staff at the gate were completely uncaring about what had transpired and even demonstrated racism by referring to us as "2 Kuwaiti passengers" instead of "2 passengers from Kuwait" while using a dismissive tone when speaking to a colleague. We made the flight. Our luggage didn't. Qatar Airways staff couldn't care less. I'll take my business elsewhere.

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They need to stop changing people's flight timings and reservations and respect their client's schedules. This should be about the client's convenience, not Qatar Airways.

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تحتاج تحسن وايد بكافه الامور و خاصه اسلوب الموظفين و معلوماتهم


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