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Oman Air

Regional Arab Airlines

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For inflight service in economy class as well kindly provide toiletries for the guests esp for long haul flights. Thanks


واجهتنا مشكلة مرة واحدة فقط كانوا حاجزين عدد اكثر من الركاب للعدد المطلوب ، و تم حل المشكلة



Keep going good service... Required jumbo flights or more bigger flight to south India region..



I've booked a flight from Kuwait to Guangzhou (China) and i was coming back within 3 days and my luggage didn't arrive Guangzhou on time. The airline doesn't have an office in Guangzhou airport which is weird and I've contacted their Beijing office and they said they can't help i should contact Guangzhou city office and it was sunday and their office was closed and my return flight is on Monday. I've tried to contact Kuwait office and they never answer their phone so i let my friend to go to them and they said they can't do anything about it. The overall experience was so unpleasant and the airline despite they delayed my luggage the don't want to take responsibility for it. They said the ticket is non refundable and if i want to change the flight date i should pay 43KD and they don't have any flight available before the 3rd of May. I won't recommend this airline to anyone because they have unprofessional staff and the worst customer service I've ever seen.

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The flight was new and staff has given good service to all passengers, I was flight from kuwait to muscat and continue to jakarta for more than 10 hours and I feel satisfied with Oman airlines



The staff seemed to be unprofessional or less motivated. I did not get a blanket though I requested for one. The staff refused tonhang my jacket in the cabinet. I had to keep it next to my seat (even budget flights provide the facility to hang jackets). If you want to fly on Oman, please make sure you fly on First Class. The Economy class is nothing different from a public bus.

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Please send us information if any changed in our tiket as I have problem the company has change the date of take off but they don't give me any information about that..



Keep up the good work and effort, that's all..😃


Good service excellent flights

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