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They should be precise with their timings more my flight from beirut got delayed for 45 mins without prior notice



عروض للطلبة



I had a few issues with the flight. a) the chairs on domestic flights in the middle east are so tight, you cant eat right you cant sit right or even sleep right if need be. b) the extra 10cm they took from every chair to add those 6 extra tickets that they bank on severely dropped the quality of the flight. I'm saying this and I'm 1.70m imagine how its like for someone in the 180-190 range..must be a nightmare! b) The hostess team doesn't feel like it at all. They have little to no interaction with the flyers, never ask if anything is needed, rarely smile, and have somewhat of a smug attitude.



The worst attitude and worst service airlines ever, had the worst experience with such arrogance staff. I hate it



ًPlanes are newer so the on board experience is positive but their crew are not enthusiastic and seem to have a bit of an attitude. If they smiled and were more friendly they would be good. Also prices are too high.

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الدقة في المواعيد اكثر

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مزيد من الإعلانات والعروض عبر وسائل الاعلام


To make the things easier while making reservation online specially while getting the grading of the class or the seat the terms used is not clear


اجل من اللمكن اولا منع شرب الكحول خلال الرحلات . لانها خدمة مزعجة وغير مهمة فتح بوباتً وانت معلق بين الارضًوالسماء ضعوا شعار انزل على الارض واشرب

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الرحلات الإضافية والمباشرة والاسعار التنافسية والعروض الجيدة


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