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Kuwait Airways

Regional Arab Airlines

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طيران فاشل .. باص عمومي



بعمل عروض كل فتره لخدمة المسافرين


Commitment, like the pamphlet says 45kg luggage and on counter staff say they don't know about this advertisement, only 40kg is allowed, horrible feeling on Airport to take out back 5kg.


Improve staff attitude. In flight service should be quick, after serving meal they took more than 1 hour to take empty trays from our seats which gave most inconvenient during our flight travel. During that time we are not able to go for toilets. Also without sufficient prior announcements meals are started serving so we are not able visit toilets before meals. Aso after calling for flight attendant , they took long time to hear our needs.


Last April during my flight going for vacation, I noticed that the cleanliness of the aircraft especially in the bathroom is untidy and other flight stewards are not approachable. This is to recommend to improve the services to observe cleanliness and crews attitude.


very very good service


يجب الالتزام بالمواعيد اكتر وتحسين مستوي الطائرات المتجه الدول العربيه


services need improvement and customer care need to be improved a lot.


Be more accommodating to customers. Serve a better variety of food. Stop allowing passengers with influence to dictate where people are going to sit -- when they come on the plane show them to their seats, tell them to sit down, buckle up, and get ready to go -- far too often the flights are delayed because the attendants haggle with passengers about who can sit where. And tell the parents to strap the kids into the seats and keep them there and not running throughout the plane.



at least add the hand carry to at least 3 kg

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