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Too many delays our flight delayed in Bahrain for more than 4 hours and they keep us inside the craft for all of that time plus delay without early informing

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تجربه لن تتكرر فلا يوجد احترافيه لديهم ، عندهم طائرتين فقط فشعرت اني راكب اتوبيس من الزحام الشديد و الشنط ضاعت و ظلت يوم كامل حتي اعادوها .



الخدمات علي الطائره سيئه للغايه و للاسف مواعيدهم غير منضبطه اطلاقا.

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Food quality should be improved

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Plane had been delayed without clear information. They told us 3 hours and we waited for 4 hours.

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on time boarding and departures would make this service alot better


The call center needs to be better as I wait for 45 minutes.

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buy big plane and travel far destinations


Cancelled my flight and did not inform me, however they did reschedule it to a more convenient time. And once i arrived to Kuwait, they had lost my luggage and it took 24 hours+ to get it back... This is all understandable considering the explosion that happened in Istanbul and it's affect on the other airports. Overall their attitude and the way they deal with problems is excellent.



.مستوي الخدمه عندهم ردئ و الاسعار مرتفعه جدا و تاخرت الطساره عن موعدها و لم يكن هناك اي اعتذار مادي او معنوي

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