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Gulf Air

Regional Arab Airlines

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I took ticket along with my family ( 5 tickets ), it is huge amount and by mistake put other date and could not travel, But they didn't give money back and also other date... one time money transfer, they will not do anything... be care full...



Gulfair best airline Ma Sha Allah✨️✨️✨️✨️but now too much expensive



They didn't give prior information about the flight's delay, food quality is also low.

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I use them always, when I am leaving Kuwait it is a fast process when I come back it is such a tedious process to the point where it was shameful. They make a big fuss and made me open my bags. The staff was rude and blaming me for bringing only a little bit extra luggage and they threatened me to offload me from the plane.

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Decrease the prices



بعض الموظفين جدا محترمين و متواضعين بصورة ايجابية من ناحية المعاملة كافي الابتسامة الصادقة . بعض المضيفات كأنهن مجبورات على العمل و تكرهك بالسفر مرة ثانية مع طيران الخليج .للاسف الاسعار مرتفعة و التأخير بالرحلات مصيبة . الكابتن قال خلال 5 دقائق لكن الخمس هذي اصبحت اكثر من 50 دقيقة . جودة الطعام على متن الطائرة جدا سيئة و النظافة العامة للطائرة ايضا تعيسة و الكراسي و السماعات و الشاشات حدث و لا حرج. لا انصح بها للسفر في رحلات طويلة.

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There is no direct call center also they have many cancellation

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As this pandemic came and now the world is still recovering, I hope that big and small airlines will offer affordable trips at a low price, same like before. Seems like everyones wants to travel everywhere.

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Need to improve the quality of services.

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