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Fly Dubai

Regional Arab Airlines

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The prices are so high.

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يجب ان يمتازون بالمرونه في التعاملات و الخدمات و الاسعار.

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الطائرة مساحتها قليلة بشكل كبير ونوعية الطعام سيئة للغاية

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طيران ممتاز

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From Dubai, I didnt know that their terminal has been moved to a new area. So to my dismay, I have encountered difficulty going back home.

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لا يوجد اي خدمات ترفيهيه بالطائره.



When you say budget airline, it really is! However, It was not cheap when I booked. I had traveled to Georgia early this year and my first time of travelling thru Fly Dubai. To my surprise, the airport terminal is inaccessible by local transport. Taxi may get lost along the way. Thank God, I had my friend who dropped me. There was a slight delay on my flight to reach Dubai, which is just fine. Their seats are too tight. Grab cheaper flight from other airline companies whenever they offer promotion!

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مطار تعبان وغير مرتب و كلامهم غير مفهوم بالعربي وبالانجليزي تجربه فاشله وتدفع سعر الوجبه يقدم لك سندويجه بارده والسعر الذي اخذوه 100مره ضعف السندويجه

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The plane wasn't clean.

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