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Fly Dubai

Regional Arab Airlines

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The services should improve



One of the worst companies, they hold us like hostages in the airport just because the pilot want to land , but all the other flying companies didn't land in the airport because of the bad weather ,fly Dubai they insists on landing and they let us wait for 7 hours for the plane to land but they didn't land they just cancel it and let us return to the hotel, the other problem is that in Dubai airport one of the employee told us that we will give you exceptions for pcr tests and told us if any one stopping you for the test just call my number, when we called him he didn't answer the phone until we gave his number to the security guard and called him , he immediately answers to the security guard number, we were like hostages in the airports just waiting for the pilot to land in a very bad weather airport (fog), don't you ever think of flying in fly Dubai they will humiliate you in every way possible.

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ضروره تطوير الخدمات و الدقه بالمواعيد



حجزت بفتره الكورونا و تم الغاء من قبلهم فحملوني رسوم ليس لي دخل بها

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ضروره تطوير الخدمات

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ضروره حسن التواصل مع العميل عند تغيير وجهه الرحله

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تحديث الويب سايت ضروري يجب ان يكون هناك مرونه بامور الحجز او الاغاء و حسن التواصل مع العميل



تخفيض الاسعار خاصه هذه الفتره



سيئة جدا من حيث الخدمة والتأخير بالمواعيد والقيمة المدفوعة عالية على سوء الخدمة .

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